I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  When I threw everything away and came home a little over a year ago I promised myself I would just follow my curiosities when it came to my artwork. Curiosities followed: check.

On a sort of different note, I was thinking the other day about how my day job is really the perfect job for me.  It's not fate that I fund it, but rather me taking the skills I've learned at my crappiest of jobs and combining them with my passions.  A sort of.. playing the hand I've been dealt kinda thing.

Up until that thought, this year of following my curiosity with my art felt a little fruitless. Like I was wondering aimlessly and wasting time. But when I realized that my 8 years of retail (that felt pretty fruitless as well) gave me skills that are vital to my day job, I was thankful for that experience.  

All of this wondering with my art are pieces of the puzzle.  Layers. Watercolor. Ink. The richness of pastels. I explored them all and I want them all together now. I want things to look unfinished with the layers of work exposed. And I want some aspects to be rich and alive.  

Anyway, expect more layers, richness, and really well dress woman...and maybe a few men. 

Do you ever read about successful people and wonder how they were able to stick to their "plan" long enough to see it grow into something worth while? How can they be so sure of something that takes up most of their time and attention.  So much so it defines them.  I wonder how Adele can keep writing love songs and still knock each one out of the park.  What about faces keeps Chuck Close painting them over and over? How can Anna Wintour have the same damn haircut for so long? Does she ever want to change it?