If one year ago you asked me for my opinion on digital art I would have said something snotty and pretentious like, "It's ok, but it takes more skill to make physical art."  But deep down, I just felt left out and too stubborn to admit that I just don't have skills or the devices to work in that medium.  

So this Christmas when asked what I wanted I put a Wacom Tablet at the very top of my list.  And I got it. (Thanks Solomon:) And I haven't been able to put it down since.  So if your curious or wondering if a drawing tablet is for you.. here is my review and experience thus far.

In the begining.

It was tough! Solomon and I started by drawing terrible stick figures.  It was hard to not treat it like a fancy mouse and mouse pad.  I had to remind myself that I can set my hand on it and draw normally.   Once I got that figured out I drew my first person.  This girl to the left is actually the second person.  The first is too terrible to bother showing anyone.  I got stuck in the airbrush tool and couldn't figure out how to leave a hard line that didn't look weird.  So I started again in the graphite tool, which makes sense considering that working in graphite is how I started as a teenager.



When I first learned how to use photoshop I struggled with the idea of layers. Every problem I ran into was because I was in the wrong layer.  I remember it finally clicking one day and it's been easy ever since. Layers are great for those with commitment  issues. With each layer you can refine your work a little more and a little more.  And if you don't like the direction you just went in.. delete the layer! That probably seems obvious to non-artist, but you can't just reverse what you did when working in physical mediums like watercolor or even graphite.  You can only erase something so much.



Have you ever had a happy accident? Sometimes when you are working on a project you make a mistake. Before you correct it something in you tells you to stop.  You look at your mistake and decide that you like it.  That's a happy mistake.  I had that with the bored looking model from a Chanel ad I did recently.  The black and white one was what I had originally had in mind, but as I was trying to add in a green background I had happy accident.  I stopped and realized that I liked the small amounts of white and all green background.  

I'm overly controlling in my art.. and well.. other aspects of my life too but we wont go there.  Anyway, this top green one is exactly the kind of carefree look that I wish I had.  So fingers crossed for more happy accidents! 


The World wide web

   Using that term probably dates me. But I think it's kind of enduring. It makes me want to watch You've Got Mail. Anywaaaayy. I've been on Society6 for sometime now. If your not familiar, its a site were artist upload their artwork to be made into prints and tons of different products. With each sale other their products they receive money.  It's a great way to support artist.  Anyway.. photography and uploading physical artwork was always a huge pain and rarely ever look good. But with my tablet I can make similar high resolution images that look waaay better than the physical art ever did. Yay!   Below is a phone case with on of my favorite prints I did recently. Cute right? I want to get the laptop skin in the same print. 


Anyone that has ever painted knows that art is messy. And there are a lot of materials and tools involved.  Brushes, paints, pallets, water, canvas, paper and the finished artwork that seems to pile up.  

But nooowww... all I need is my tablet and my computer.  2 things! I'm not dirty. I don't have STUFF everywhere (well actually I still do, but you get what I'm saying).

Overall I'm in love with my Wacom tablet.  I'm sure a year from now I'll look back on the stuff I created these past few weeks and thinks it's crap.  But until then I'm happy and excited to keep working.