This is a cropped version of what I worked on this evening. 

I'm a Libra. I can see the pros and cons to any situation, and because of that, I am plagued with indecision. 

I used to always love that art is never right or wrong.  It's both good and bad, lovely and hideous, brilliant and completely pointless. I just depends on who you are asking.  

But then there is me. I hit walls where I'm looking at something so much I just can't decide what to do next.  Internal dialog sounds like this: 

"Ok, yeah! This is great!"


"What the fuck? You suck. Congrats you just wasted the whole evening."

and on really bad days

"You know this is totally pointless right? There are much better ways to be spending your time. Like snacking..... And watching Netflix."

So anyway.. I guess tonight wasn't a good night. Times like this make me envious of artist like Heather Day. People that can create beautiful things that still aren't really of things.. that doesn't make sense....  Abstract expressionism (especially like hers) is a skill that alludes me.  I feel stuck recreating all ready existing images... So what if I can copy something? Take a picture! 

I guess at the end of the day I just keep working. I think it was Picasso that said, "Inspiration exist, but it has to find you working." Ok Picasso.. if you say so!  

PS- I found this quote below after checking my initial Picasso quote online.  Finding it was like ... a gift, or a small stroke of luck.  At the very least, a nudge in the right direction.