Let’s go back to mid-May.

Solomon and I just moved into a cute bungalow house in my home town that was everything we wanted. 2-car garage for Solomon, huge studio space for me. Plus we could spend the summer riding our bikes around the sleepy little town and walking to our local brewery. With our wedding just a couple of weeks away, we felt set. Rest of our lives, here we come!

Jk, we’re moving back out.

Then one day Solomon comes home from work clearly nervous and eager to tell me something. He was being recruited for a position in Portland. We had just moved in and our wedding was only a couple of weeks away. This was terrible timing to say the least, but never the less, an opportunity we both didn’t want to pass up. He booked a flight that night to visit the Portland office over the next two days.

If that wasn’t enough…

Fast forward to the following Monday. Solomon’s back and we’re officially on board with this job offer and moving to Portland. While at work I realize my period is about 4 days late. It’s never late. I tell myself “I can’t be pregnant”. Getting pregnant is hard for women in their 30’s not to mention the fact that I had had a fibroid removed just a year before.

So I bought a pregnancy test on the way home. Why worry about something when you can just get an answer and peace of mind, right? Peace of mind, my ass.

Yeah it was positive. I stood alone in the bathroom telling myself I’m reading it wrong. After reading and re-reading the very simple directions, I came out of the bathroom. “I’m sorry” was all I could seem to say to Solomon. We were less than one and a half weeks from our wedding, our honeymoon in Italy, and about to move halfway across the country, and now we are throwing a pregnancy on top of that.

May 26, 6 weeks pregnant.

The wedding went off without (too many) problems, and we were able to keep my still very early pregnancy a secret. Here are some photos from our photographer Michael Grobin. Side note: nausua/morning sickness was in full swing in Italy. Which is a bummer, because you go to Italy to eat and drin, and I couldn’t do either. Never the less, we still had a great time. I’ll post those pictures below.

The rest of summer was a giant whirl-wind of seeing family, wrapping things up at work, and preparing to move. We are settled into our new apartment in a superb of Portland. We were lucky enough to find a place with a garage and 3 bedrooms. One for my studio and one for the baby.

I’m going on week 2 of being here and I’m still unemployed though. I’ve always worked full time on top of being an artist, so not having to be anywhere is a strange feeling. Solomon said I should go about my day in my studio as if I’m actually at a job. That’s good advice and I’m going to take. Who knows, maybe in the long run this will be the push I needed to make art my actual job.