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Broad Ideas Art Show


Broad Ideas Art Show

This weekend I’ll be dropping off three of my favorite artworks at a show I’m excited to be a part of. Broad Ideas is an an art show that will..

“ …highlight the range of experiences, feelings, and realities of those who identify as women and those who support them.  This arts show is a celebration, an acknowledgment, and a community of support and solidarity. This dynamic show is for everyone that supports women.”

Here are the three artworks that will be in the show and my descriptions of each one.

 Sun on Shoulders

Sun on Shoulders.jpg

This painting is the result of me challenging myself in my art in new ways. I wanted to portray light in a way that looked as vibrant as light does in real life. I came across a street style photographer's photo of a woman wearing a voluminous, light blue top with the sun on her back. The highlight on her shoulders complimented the shape and folds of her top and gave me the opportunity to capture that light. I did this painting just for me without the intention of showing it. Without the pressure of pleasing others, I created one of my favorite paintings, and I think an example of some of my best work thus far.

Mother & Child

Mother and child.jpg

This past summer I read Mary Cassatt's biography. I've always loved her work and felt like our choice of subject matter and styles were similar. One thing I was surprised to learn was that Cassatt never married or had children. Being on the verge of getting married and starting a family myself, I respected and understood her sacrifice for her art. I fear my art will take a backseat to my family and responsibilities. Fear aside, I still want to have children and felt inspired to create this double portrait of a mother and child. I like to think my style is a modern take on impressionist art.



This last year has been exhausting from what feels like endlessly negative news. This left me craving something simple, timeless, and neutral. Everyone likes apples. They are full of variations yet they're simple, pure, and of the earth. At this point in my life, I just wanted to rediscover apples. I wanted to get lost in something I've known all my life. Remind myself of picking them with the women in my family and be grateful for something universal and consistent.

Read more about the Broad Ideas Art show here.