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The most difficult thing.


The most difficult thing.

I love this quote.  First.. because I love Amelia Earhart. If you don’t know about her life I highly recommend listening to The History Chicks podcast about her.  Second.. This is true for any pursuit.  Amelia just wanted to learn how to fly. Despite people thinking she’s crazy for pursuing this dream instead of settling down or continuing with her other career, she kept at it.  What’s the point, right? What will this get her? 

The most difficult thing is to act. You know all the reasons not to.  You tell them to yourself when you think about this dream.  What will others think? What’s the point? What if I fail? 

But to not do it is to fail. To not do the thing you keep dreaming about will ultimately be your biggest regret. I don’t know about you, but I think that is more painful than a lifetime of struggling while I pursue my dream.  

And besides what is failure?  Failure is just giving up. Quitting. That’s were tenacity comes in. You’ve already started, and stopping is harder than changing direction. Tweek what isn’t working   and try it again. Learn. Evolve.  

I keep this quote on my desktop and open now and then. It reminds me that my fears are worse than my reality, and all it takes to pursue my dreams is just.. getting to work.  


Topography + Fashion


Topography + Fashion

Girl Bundled Up

It's Christmas time, and I have been blessed with many commissions this last half of the year.  With request for portraits and specific subject matter, the art can start to seem less like art and more like work.  

Only this work is all on me. If it's not done on time, or the client isn't happy, I can't take solace in being a little anonymous in a large company.  Their unhappiness means I don't get paid. And i run the risk of not getting more work. it's so much pressure! 

Luckily, this year went well.  I carved out a little time for myself to do a few paintings and drawings that I wanted to do and that are just for myself.  




Would it be weird that I said it feeds my soul? It does. There is an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie talks about being so broke she could only afford an issue of Vogue or dinner. She chose Vogue because it fed her more.  



Watercolor - Blonde Bob

That's actually terrible advice. It makes me glad that ultra skinny look isn't in anymore. Thank you Kim Kardashian ... I guess? So I'm going to treat my self to food and art. Besides no one wants to be around me when I'm hungry. 

I have a huge collection of images that I love and a lot many of them are from street style photographers. These three images are from that collection.  

I've been using oil based sharpies a lot in my illustrations.  Oil sharpies are great because they have a nice righ color. any art supply store should carry them. 

I use them in my illustration to convey texture and depth.  This idea came from a couple of places.  The first being the fact that I live in a rural area surrounded by a lot of farm land.  Rows of corn and soy beans stretch out over rolling hills for as far as you can see.  The rows look kinda like topography in that they help to define the hills by coming together and apart. 

The second influence is from other artist using the same idea of line work to create depth. One of my favorite is Kate Ann Gilmore.  She is a fellow midwesterner who lives in LA now.  Her artwork is influenced by topography as well.  It has a super cool digital look, but she does everything by hand.  Watching her work give you even more appreciation for what she does.  I would recommend checking out her work if you are into digital art, mountains, murals or just chicks doing really cool stuff. 

Woman in the Wind

So here are a few things I worked on in between commissions.  I hope you enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.